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The Counseling Center’s Re-Entry Program Continues to Promote Vocational Training

Franklin Furnace, OH- In a continued effort to provide those in the re-entry program an opportunity for training and education, the Hughes Re-Entry Center has achieved accreditation to be a certified training center through The National Center for Construction Education and Research.

In July of this year, the Hughes Re-Entry Center saw ten clients graduate from Mountwest Maritime Academy’s Deckhand program, we’re pleased to report that within weeks of that graduation, three clients were able to receive jobs and have gone to return to the workforce.  Since seeing that success, they have had seven more graduate, with one more hired, and are happy to announce that starting in November, those Deckhand classes will be offered on-site to better serve the clients’ day to day needs or transportation requirements.

Along with the Deckhand program, the Re-Entry Center offers GED classes and testing, a required step in the overall program as a step to prepare the clients for their eventual re-entry to the community. One client stated, “We learn things like emotional management in groups but I really like taking the GED class. I’ve got a lot more confidence taking the practice test here than I would have ever had before. I feel comfortable in my ability with these classes.” Nick Ferrara, Administrative Director of Recruitment, Re-Entry and Admissions, said that this was a proud partnership through the Scioto County ESC- ABLE program.


A client looks over his work in the GED class.

Although there are many possibilities for additional vocational programming, there is a current class underway learning about the plumbing trade, led by Mike Basham, an instructor at the Scioto County Career Technical Center. Mike shared that this class was a starting class and that upon completion, graduates could go on for continued formal training or apprenticeships. “it’s fun,” said a client. “We get hands-on learning experience and personally, it’s already had practical application.” He went on to share that his mother had some plumbing issues and because of what he had learned in class he felt comfortable in tackling the home repair himself. According to Basham, the class is a standard level one plumbing class that requires both education and lab components but will, as stated above, prepare clients to be hire ready.

A client in the process of installing a drain during the Plumbing Lab.

At The Counseling Center, our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and our community.  We work to heal their mind and body, to inspire and to provide excellent service in alcohol and drug addiction treatment, primary health care, recovery support, case management, behavioral health, vocational development and to be a resource to all members of the community for outreach, prevention, education, and advocacy.


For more information about The Counseling Center or the Hughes Re-Entry Center Program please contact Nick Ferrara, Administrative Director of Recruitment, Re-Entry and Admissions; and Sean Davis, Hughes Re-Entry Center Program Director, at 740-352-0008; or Greg Gulker, Director of Business Development at 740-351-2706.

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