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The Counseling Center Recognizes Deckhand Program Graduates

Portsmouth, OH – On Friday, July 27th, employees of the Hughes Re-Entry Center, a program of The Counseling Center, traveled to the Mountwest Maritime Academy in Huntington, West Virginia to celebrate the graduation of clients who had completed the Deckhand Education Program.


Two weeks ago, ten clients began the Maritime Deckhand program and all ten completed the education, passed the course requirements, and received their certifications.

As part of the ceremony, Captain James D. Burcham, a who has twenty-four years of maritime experience, lead the class and those attending the graduation to the training yard where he had the class participants show off the techniques and training they had received. Captain Burcham expressed how pleased he was with their progress and how proud he was that they had all been able to complete the program and graduate together, further going on to explain what their possible career routes may look like.

In attendance was Nick Ferrera, Hughes Re-Entry Center Operations Director, and Sean Davis, Hughes Re-Entry Center Program Director, who also expressed their excitement as to what this success means for the program.

“We’re really pleased with what our clients have been able to accomplish,” Ferrera stated, “it really puts us ahead as far as what we can offer those going through this particular service… We’re also excited because we’ll be starting a Plumbing Training course soon, but returning to the Mountwest Maritime Academy will also be an option for those in the Hughes Re-Entry Program.”

Nick Ferrara also pointed out that all ten of the successful clients were referred to the Hughes Re-Entry Center by STAR Community Justice Center, Scioto County Common Pleas Court, Portsmouth Municipal Court, and Ironton Municipal Court.

At The Counseling Center, our mission is to improve the lives of our clients and our community.  We work to heal their mind and body, to inspire and to provide excellent service in alcohol and drug addiction treatment, primary healthcare, recovery support, case management, behavioral health, vocational development and to be a resource to all members of the community for outreach, prevention, education, and advocacy.

For more information about The Counseling Center or the Hughes Re-Entry Center Program please contact Nick Ferrera, Hughes Re-Entry Center Operations Director; and Sean Davis, Hughes Re-Entry Center Program Director, at 740-352-0008; or Greg Gulker, Director of Business Development at 740-351-2706.

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